The GNOME-Projekt lacks a stable and working music player and music database component. Some attempts have been made in this field by projects like Rhythmbox, Muine etc. But none of these players works to my personal satisfaction.

Rhythmbox for instance is not able to play music from ftp, dav and other remote volumes correctly and without crashing. These problems exist now for a long time and haven't got fixed. It apears to be not so important for the developers fo Rhythmbox. Which is possible ok for them but not for me.

Also Rhythmbox acts slow on my machine and crashes even on local files from time to time. Which lookslike timing errors, but I could be wrong.

Because this situation hasn't changed much over the past years. I guess, that the program has some conceptual problems and it might be a good idea to start over from scratch and use Rhythmbox as a prototype.

Muine, on the other hand, is not able to access remote volumes at all. And some other players I have tested, have the same problem. So these players won't solve my problem.

The goal of this project is to produce a music player which just works. The proposed process to develop this project is RUP. This concecpt served me well in the past. All my projects using this model got finished in time. And the applications work normally without crashes. But as everybody knows the work will progress more rapidly when more helping hands are available, I invite everyone to join this new start.

The first step for this project is write down what we really want to build, which is the central objective of this document.