Gnome Music Player and Database

The projects goal is to write a working music player for gnome using a RUP-based development model. More details can be found in the requirement definition.

Document List

Development Model

  1. Writing the requirement definition (active)
  2. Generating feature catalogue out of the requirement definition
  3. Generating feature tree with dependencies
  4. Generating development plan
  5. Writing high-level design
  6. Prototyping, technology survey
  7. Evaluating and correcting high-level design
  8. Writing detailed design
  9. Evaluating development plan
  10. Implementation
  11. Writing handbook
During the implementation phase normally changes to the detailed design may happen, because things might be not exact enough or wrong. In some occations during the implementation phase new ideas arise which affect the detailed or even the high-level design. This is allowed in a RUP-based model. Also the list above mark merely starting points for these tasks.